Denim Days: Styling Denim Skirts for Summer

Denim Skirt

I remember when my idea of a denim skirt was one from Hollister or Abercrombie paired with a classic graphic T. Well times have changed. Denim skirts are back and there’s so many cute ways to style them. My favorite variation of the denim skirt is a button front.



I found my button front denim skirt from one of my favorite online sites, BooHoo. Even though I just ironically threw Hollister under the bus, I purchased my top from there (lol.) It was 50% off and I loved the pop of color against my skin tone as well as the lace detail. My shoes were purchased at Target and my bag was a gift from my friend Karlee! I love this look and it’s very fun for summer! It’s perfect for a girl’s day, a family party, date or anywhere you’d like.


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