Metallica: Metallic Beauty Trend

Metallica: Metallic Beauty Trend

Lately, metallic has been all the rage in beauty. You can incorporate metallics into your eyes, lips, cheeks and nails! Beauty icon Kylie Jenner has been demonstrating the metallic trend in her nail polish line with Sinful Colors as well as her metallic lip kit. I am especially loving the metallic nail and lip trend. FullSizeRenderI recently purchased a metallic nail polish from Sally Hansen called Golden-I and I haven’t been able to stop wearing it. Every time I have it on I can’t stop staring at my hands and feet. It’s really fun yet still a netural color which offers a lot of versatility. I recently got my nails done (which rarely happens because I’m a poor college student), and I picked out a copper metallic shade from OPI called Rising Star that I have been loving as well. Metallic nails are my current obsession and I’m not sure when it will end.



Once I got my hands on the ColourPop Metallic Lip, I’ve been obsessed ever since. You can simply put on a metallic lip with any makeup look and you instantly add edge to your entire look. They are perfect for a day out with the girls, night out or any time you want! Pictured below, I have two ColourPop Metallics mixed together on my lips. I put Zebra on the bottom and Man Eater on top. You can wear them alone and they still look amazing but mixing them together adds even more dimension.



(Top: Zebra, Bottom: Man Eater)

As for eyes, you can create the metallic effect by foiling your eyeshadow. For this makeup look, I used my favorite gold eyeshadow Half Baked by Urban Decay. It comes in the Naked and Naked 2 palettes as well as individually. To foil an eyeshadow, all you have to do is simply add water. Tip: I use water to apply all of my lid shadows to make them more pigmented. However, when foiling you have to make sure your brush is extra wet and you have to keep reapplying and adding water until you get your desired foil effect. Just a get a cheap spray bottle from the drugstore and fill it up with water. After you buy the bottle, it’s free. I’s a staple in my every day makeup routine. To give my cheeks a glow I used a ColourPop highlight in Glo Up and then I put a little Half Baked on top.


I am in love with this trend and I see myself using a lot of metallic beauty concepts from now into the rest of 2016. (I’m also extremely excited that ColourPop is coming out with new metallic shades tomorrow!!) Thank you for reading!! xoxo ❤


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