Knock Off: Kylie Lip Kit

Kylie Cosmetics has been all the rage. People have been buzzing about her lip kits that sell out within minutes. However, they definitely are not the cheapest and with the outrageous shipping it makes some people question if it’s worth it. It’s not like there aren’t other lipsticks that also retail for high prices but with all of the cheaper alternatives today, people would rather pay less. The lip kits retail for $29.00 and I guess you could say for the lipstick and lipliner it’s a good deal. She also offers just the lipsticks for $17.00 alone and the lipliners for $14.00. But what about a knock off? I came across a knock off lip kit on Aliexpress for $2.59. I figured I’d do a full review on the knock off and give it a try! I’ve been dying to try a brown lipstick so I chose to try the knock off of “True Brown.”

The Packaging:

At first glance, the box appears to be almost identically to real one. The teeth are even reflective like the real packaging. Overall the packaging has me fooled and I couldn’t tell the difference.





The Product:

When you take a look at the lipstick and liner, they look a lot like the real ones. However, when you feel the tube and cap of the lipstick it feels cheap. When you open it up, it does have the sweet candy like smell! Also the liner is very fragile and broke off after the first use.




The Formula:

The formula isn’t too bad! Under all of my matte lipsticks, I always apply Vaseline Lip Therapy so they don’t dry out my lips as much. I tried applying it with and without. With I would say it didn’t dry completely matte but it felt comfortable. Without it dried completely matte but was difficult to get off and didn’t feel as good.


Would I Recommend this Knock Off to a Friend?:

YES, why it may not be as good as the real Kylie Lip Kit, it’s close enough. If you want to try something similar but aren’t willing to spend $40, I would definitely try this product out.


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