Sunglasses Style Guide

Sunglasses are a great accessory! Specifically for summer, but they can also be worn many times throughout the year. I love pairing sunglasses with my outfits but it’s important to me that they are affordable. I’ve considered splurging on a nice pair of sunglasses before but I know I would probably break them or lose them. I try to find all of my sunglasses for under $20! Take a look at some of my favorite affordable sunglasses from my collection.

Reflective Blue Sunnies

These have definitely been my go-to all summer. I purchased these at Aldo for $16! What a steal. Aldo is one of my favorite places for sunglasses. They have amazing choices that are all really affordable. These sunglasses work with almost any look.



Round Purple Sunnies

These I just picked up randomly in Soho on my birthday last year. I found them at Necessary Clothing for $5. I figured why not! They are fun pair of sunnies to throw on when you’re in the mood to be different.



Cat Eye Sunnies

I’m always feline myself in these cat eye sunnies! I picked these up at Aldo on sale for $8. With the right outfit these will be sure to make a statement.



Rose Gold Aviator Sunnies

The story behind these is the best. While visiting my friends from FIT in New Jersey, we went this amazing mall (Jersey has the best malls in the world!) and I kept wearing these around the store. I really wanted them but wasn’t about to pay the $30 dollars for them. So luckily my friend found a half coupon and I scored these in Express for $15Talk about bargain shopping. The cashier thought I was a freak because I was so excited.



Thanks for reading, xoxo ❤


One thought on “Sunglasses Style Guide

  1. Loved all of the different looks on you. I always thought you had to buy glasses according to the shape of your face. Now I know better. Thanks!!!


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