Dorm Tour: George Mason University

It feels like I was packing up and heading off to my freshman year at FIT just days ago. In a year a lot has changed and I am taking on college this year at new school, George Mason University! I’m not sure what to expect but I’m excited. This is one of my first of many blogs about my transition from FIT to George Mason as I go through the process of living my life as “The Ex Fashion Student”. I thought it would be fitting to start off with a dorm tour!

For starters, since I wasn’t officially accepted to GMU until June, housing was very difficult. I was on the waitlist for a while until I finally decided to accept an alternative option: The Global Center. The Global Center was not mentioned to me at first but once I complained about being on the waitlist, I was offered a space there. The Global Center is our campus’ housing for international students. At first I was a little worried because it would definitely be different since I’d be one of the few Americans but I figured why not! After having quite the difficult living situation last year, I could handle anything.

The benefits of The Global Center is that it’s extremely nice. It used to be an on campus hotel that was converted into a residence hall so it’s fairly upgraded. It is also has what’s rumored to be the best dining hall on campus but I’ve yet to try. The only thing I was worried about is that the dorms are essentially “traditional style” but we have our own bathroom. At FIT I lived in an “apartment style” with a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. However, I’m just lucky that I was able to get in and find housing so I will gladly make the best of my living situation.

Dorming at FIT

I’m just gonna start out by comparing my dorm last year to this year!






Dorming at GMU

Now that I’ve shown you an overview of my dorm at FIT, it’s time to get into the fun stuff: my current dorm at GMU! I decided to incorporate a lot of the same stuff I used last year to save money and just add a few things to mix it up. I still wanted to keep the neutral, glam theme for my room.





“Memory Board”


I love keeping pictures and memorabilia, so I thought this would be cool instead of a cork board


The right side of the closet is mine



Steve Madden Backpack, $35, Marshalls (came with puff)


My makeshift kitchen area 


Since this used to be hotel, we have a pretty standard hotel bathroom




Closet area to the left, mirror to the right

DIY Prada Sign


I was most excited about this piece! I’ve been loving the Prada sign idea for so long and finally decided to create my own. I purchased the print of Etsy for $5. I went to get it printed out at Staples. I thought it would be cheaper but it ended up costs around $35 for 24 x 36 size. I assumingly got at 24 x 36 frame from Michael’s that was on sale for 75% and it cost me about $16. However, once I put the 24 x 36 size poster in the 24 x 36 frame, there was a little extras space on the sides so I’m not really sure what happened so I added strips of white paper on the sides to balance it out and it works just fine! I also spray painted the frame white because it originally black, the spray paint retailed for about $3. Overall this DIY cost me $60 which is a little more than I wanted to spend but I am so in love with it and I know I’ll keep it for a long time! You could always save money by not getting a frame or using one you already have.

Overall, I am very excited for what’s to come! I’m ready to work hard and start fresh at a new school. Keep reading for regular fashion and beauty posts as well as more updates on my transition! Xoxo ❤


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