My First Visit Back to FIT/NYC

This time two years ago, I would have never thought that I would have attended my dream school, left and transferred to a new school. So much has happened this past year I can’t believe it. It’s been a crazy experience but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Although being back at FIT this weekend was weird, I had the best time with some of my best friends.


If anything, FIT taught me a lot about myself but it also gave me life long friendships. If it hadn’t been for FIT I wouldn’t be the person I am right now and probably the person I am going to be. It’s been the best lesson. It taught me that sometimes you might fall down but you can always get back up. Each thing life throws your way is for a reason. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and every aspect of your life has a purpose even if you don’t realize it just yet.

This past weekend my FIT sistas were nice enough to let me spend the weekend with them. When I arrived at FIT I was in awe. Walking by my old dorm building was strange. I reminisced and thought about what once was. Sitting on campus seeing all of the new freshman gave me chills. I used to be one of those girls. It’s crazy thinking back to then and then looking at right now.

The first person I saw when I got to NYC, was my girl Kass! I hadn’t seen her since move out day so I was extremely excited. We got dinner together that Friday night which was great because I finally got to spend some quality time with her. Then I got see one of my old roommates Julia which was amazing because I hadn’t seen her in so long and I missed her. Later Friday night Kass and I went out with our other friends (her roommates), our bffs Gab and Gina! We had a blast and it was night of laughter as always.

Saturday Kass, Gab and I visited Gina at the vintage shop that she works at and picked up a few things. Then we went to Soho and I got to go to my favorite store, Necessary Clothing. Later we went to Little Italy and attended the San Gennaro Festival where I was eating non stop. All of Little Italy was lined with food vendors. Then last we went out to Mexican Resturant and again had an a great night.


Sunday before I left we went to Williamsburg, Brooklyn for chicken and waffles. It was beautiful day and the only bad thing about it was that I had to leave that day.


The reason why my FIT friends are so important to me is because there’s never a dull moment. We’re always laughing and being silly. I can be myself around them and tell them anything and everything without fear of being judged. They’re supportive, they’re genuine, they’re funny, they’re beautiful inside and out and so much more. They are everything I want in a group of friends. We are always inspiring each other to do and be our best. No matter the distance, nothing ever changes. Once I see them again it’s like nothing ever changed and we just pick up right where we left off. Having them in NYC gives me something to look forward to. If I ever need anything or just people to talk to, they are there. If I ever wanna get away or just visit them I can. I get the best of both world’s being able to switch to a school that was better for be in the end and to still have them by my side. They’ve supported me through it all and I couldn’t be more thankful for them.

Overall, I had an amazing trip and it was much needed! I cannot wait until the next time I can visit. XOXO ❤



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