Rihanna Lookbook:Satin Slip Dress

Recently the satin slip dress has been worn by many celebrities and style icons. However, my personal favorite style icon, Rihanna, wears this look quite often. I used her as my inspiration for this look that I re-created. I headed to D.C. for the day with my friends for lunch, museums and the botanical gardens. I thought it would be the perfect time to try out the new look! I picked up the slip dress from Forever 21 for about $14. I also purchased the choker from Forever 21 for about $6. The black thigh boots are from Fashion Nova as well as the bomber. The boots ran at around $45 and the jacket was about $30.

Pictured below is how Rihanna is seen wearing this look:

fullsizerender-12-copy fullsizerender-11-copy-3 fullsizerender-11-copy-2


My attempt at the look:

fullsizerender-12-copy-2 fullsizerender-12-copy-3

Thanks for reading, xoxo ❤

Photo Creds: Tori Rudd (Instagram: @torudd)


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