Melanin Babe: Beauty Subscription for Girls of Color

There are a wide variety of beauty subscription services. However, not too many are for girls of color. While popular subscription services like Ipsy or Birchbox offer great products, when it comes to concealer and foundation samples, a lot of the times they don’t offer dark enough shades. Or they offer highlighters and eyeshadows that don’t pair well with darker skin.

A brand NEW beauty subscription service, Melanin Babe, is here to help you celebrate your skin tone every month. With the Melanin Babe subscription service, you’ll receive 3 full size beauty and lifestyle products handpicked with your melanin in mind! This service is dedicated to Women of Diversity. The goal of their company is empower women of color and celebrate the beauty of different melanin hues. Every month you’ll be able to receive a beauty package that was made just for you!

The main goal of my blog is to be 100% genuine. Each of my posts are created with real girls and real people in mind. I want to inspire others and give them ideas of things they can recreate on their own. I wouldn’t support this product if it wasn’t something that I genuinely believe in. Melanin Babe offers something that other subscription services do not. I can proudly wear their products and embrace my melanin! Women of color come in a variety of shades. Melanin Babe has products for all of the shades in between. Whether you have a little or more melanin, you’ll be able to find the right products for you.

This service is for us melanin girls to celebrate and rejoice! You will not regret signing up for this service and becoming apart of the Melanin Babe community. Please check them on subscribe. I’ve posted their links below! XOXO ❤

Melanin Babe Website

Melanin Babe Instagram


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