DIY: Adidas T-Shirt

In the past year, Adidas has made a huge comeback as they’ve emerged back on the market again. However, many of their products are way over priced. A plain white T-shirt with an Adidas logo starts out at $30. Why waste your money on a $30 T-shirt when you can make your own custom one at home for $5? All you’ll need is:

•A plain white T-shirt

•Iron transfer paper




You can most likely find a white T-shirt in your closet and pick up a pack of iron transfer paper at your local Target or Walmart for $5. Simply select the logo you want by making a quick google search. I typed “adidas logo” into google and picked the one I wanted. Pick a logo with a white background so it prints properly and blends in when you iron it on to your white T-shirt.


Once you’ve selected your logo, you need to flip the image horizontally in order for it iron on properly. You do so by simply putting the image into a word document and formatting it with the “flip horizontally” button. Then you load a piece of iron transfer paper into your printer, and print the word document. Your image will then look like this:


Once you have the paper printed out, you’ll want to cut out the logo.


Next all you have to do is iron the logo onto your shirt. Find a hard surface, like a table (not a ironing board) and lay a pillowcase on the surface. Place your shirt on top of the pillowcase (this is so you will not burn the surface). You need a hard surface like a table rather than an ironing board, so you can apply maximum pressure.


You’ll want to preheat the iron, and place the image where you want it. Then iron it for about 2-3 minutes making sure you go over then edges with a lot of pressure. Once you’re done you can remove the paper and you’re finished!







img_9631You can customize your shirt and get creative with it. You can chose any logo you want and make a t shirt in less than 10 minutes for $5! You can have 6 tshirts for the price of one and they’ll be original since you made them yourself.

Thank for reading loves! Comment below if you try out my DIY. XOXO ❤


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