DIY: Rose Patch Denim Jacket

Long time no blog! I’ve been so busy with school and I haven’t had time to post in awhile. I’ve been planning this blog post for a long time and I finally had the time. I was searching for an oversized denim jacket for awhile. However, denim can be expensive. Luckily I found this oversized denim jacket at a thrift store near my school for only $9! I was really happy to find this deal but I felt like the jacket needed something to make it more exciting. So to make it my own, I purchased this really pretty rose patch off of amazon for $6 to give it some extra flair.

Step 1:

Find a denim jacket from your local thrift store


Step 2:

Find a patch that you want to add to your jacket (Amazon has a lot of affordable ones)


Step 3:

Once you have your patch, place your denim jacket on an ironing board and place the patch where you want it.


Step 4

Place a handkerchief or cloth on top of the patch. Set your iron to the cotton setting and make sure to NOT use steam. Press the iron over the patch for 25 seconds and apply maximum pressure.


Step 5:

Lift up the iron and the handkerchief and then you’re done! You have the perfect, custom made jacket.


The Entire Look







Jacket: Unique Thrift Store

Jumpsuit: Forever 21

Booties: Fashion Nova

Thanks for reading loves ❤


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