Knock Off: Louis Vuitton Wallet

On my trip to New York City this past weekend, I made a pit stop on Canal street. When I used to live in NYC, I would never buy into the knock offs being sold on Canal. However, this past weekend I found myself a tourist in the city and I figured why not! I would never pay full price for a Louis Vuitton wallet and for the longest time I’ve been searching for the perfect knock off.

When I’ve looked online for them, they start at around $80. I refuse to pay that much for a knock off. When I was walking down Canal searching for the perfect wallet, a lady on the side of the street overheard me on my search and told me that she had what I was looking for. I followed her up 3 blocks and 2 avenues over to where her merchandise was being sold. A man approached me with a catalog of their items and I picked out the one I was looking for. Originally he said he would charge me $65. There was no way I was going to pay that. We bargained for awhile and I got I down to $35. Then I figured let’s keep going. This wallet probably cost a few bucks to make overseas, I wanna see how low I can get. I ended up purchasing the wallet for only $15! What a steal. For a pretty solid knock off I was very proud of this deal.

The real style of this wallet is known as the Zippy Compact Wallet  and it retails for $560. I got a perfectly good knock off for $15!!! I don’t feel the need to pay for a name brand when I can find something similar for much cheaper. The average person is not going to have $560 to spend on a wallet. It would be ridiculous to spend $560 on a wallet when you don’t even have $560 to put in it.

My Wallet:

A major goal of my blog is to help the average college student on a budget achieve the style of high end looks without paying the full price. When you don’t have the funds, you need to be creative and take different approaches to meeting your fashion needs. For more, keep reading my posts and please follow my blog down below!! Thanks for reading ❤


2 thoughts on “Knock Off: Louis Vuitton Wallet

  1. When my mom and I used to go to NYC she’d always purchase knock-off bags too. Once, we asked a guy on the side of the road for bags. He escorted us to another man about four blocks away, who took into a building with a sign stating something like ‘job recruiter’. We then proceeded to go through two other sets of locked doors in the building and voila- rooms with knock-off bags, shoes, purses, glasses, and belts. There was one man guarding each room and watching to make sure you weren’t taking anything. I was absolutely MORTIFIED. I refused to tell my mom anything I liked because I was so sketched by the experience. I’m glad you found a safer way to get your knock-off.


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