How to Style: Sparkly Bomber Jacket

One day I was walking through my local Target and I came across this sparkly bomber. It was on sale for $14. I left the store the first time without purchasing and went back the next day because it was still on my mind. The next day when I came back, I was in luck! It had been marked down to $12! Even though it was only $2 cheaper, I love a good bargain.

How I Style a Sparkly Bomber

Bomber: Target

Dress: Forever 21

Shoes: Necessary Clothing

All photos for this post were taken by Michael Ingleton on a Canon SL1 camera.

Other Ways to Style

When I saw this jacket, my mind was flooded with ideas of different ways to style it. Below are other examples of ways a sparkly bomber can be styled!

1.) T-shirt Dress and Sneakers

This jacket could be layered over a simple t-shirt dress and sneakers. It makes a very casual outfit a little more glamourous.

(Urban Outfitters-Fifi’s Looking Glass)

2.) Clubbing Outfit

When you go out  at night, sometimes it can be a little chilly. Instead of wearing a bulky jacket that covers up your outfit, you could throw this on top which would still give your outfit  a cute look while keeping your arms warm.

(Charlotte Russe)

3. Jeans and Booties/Heels

Whether you’re going to dinner or also for a night out, you could throw this jacket on over a bodysuit and high-waisted jeans. You could then pair it with your favorite booties!


When shopping for new clothing pieces, I always take into consideration the functionality and versatility of the piece. If I cannot image different ways and I can wear the piece and different things I can pair it with, I’ll leave it in the store. That helps me cut back on buying things that are not necessary and it helps me build a diverse and stylish wardrobe! Now that it’s spring, I have many different outfits and styling ideas coming your way! Stay tuned and give my blog a follow. Thanks for reading loves ❤

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