Swim Classy: Swimwear for Every Body Type

When you think of bathing suits, you may think of hot girls with model bodies. Well with Swim Classy that is not the case! They create swimsuits for every body type. No matter how big or how small, Swim Classy has something for your body type. Swim Classy is bigger than just swimwear, it’s a movement. All of their photos are unedited and promote body positivity. These are real girls, with real bodies shutting down the unrealistic stereotypes about how the female body should look. Every woman should be able to step into summer feeling confident about the skin that they are in.

The first swim suit I received from Swim Classy is the “Honeymoon” set in red.

Photos by Tori Rudd

As you all know, I do not promote products that I do not truly believe in. The purpose of my blog is to help college aged girls with styling tips. I believe that Swim Classy offers swimwear and other clothing that can help my followers feel confident and comfortable in the skin that they’re in. Everything I promote is real for real people. I am all about being genuine and promoting self love and I couldn’t be happier to be working with Swim Classy. Let’s change the way women view their body types and encourage our fellow women to break out their favorite swim suits this summer! While it’s important to be active and maintain a healthy lifestyle, being thin doesn’t necessarily mean you are healthier. Focus on yourself and the sooner you find that confidence within you, others will start to take notice. Love your body and love yourself!

Check out their instagram and their website!


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